26 Jul

Hi bloggers! Welcome to the K.E.P.T You Fit page. This is going to be a blog-in-progress as I’m still getting comfortable with the “blog world” (so to speak). I plan on updating new exercises and workouts not only for my personal training clients, but also my family, friends, and followers!

I’ve juggled the idea of starting a fitness blog for a long time-reasons being..
1. No one will read,listen,follow,or like it, 2. No one will find me credible enough to have trust in me, 3. I tend to start “ideas” and never put the cherry on topsorta thing, 4. I didn’t want my blog to be another typical girly “fitness” blog who thinks she knows what she’s talking about but really doesn’t, and 5. I would fail. After I had one of those “this is what I want to do and I am doing it!” moments, I searched to find how I wanted to do my fitblog the best and most manageable way for me possible-with MANY cherries on top. So here it is- I will blog throughout the week (I know you would love for me to blog about every little thought that goes on upstairscould be entertaining-but baby steps first). I will post clients’ workouts, my workouts, new exercises, articles, recipes, and anything else I can think of-just for you!

This will be fun!


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